Guest artists who appeared 2009


23 Jan John Kirkpatrick
Accordion virtuoso & leading interpreter of English folk music.
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27 Feb Bernard Wrigley
Lancashire song & humour at its best
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27 Mar Trio Threlfall
Beautiful interpretations of traditional English folk songs & tunes
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24 Apr Steve Turner
Wonderful singer of folk songs & talented musician
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15 May Brian Peters & Gordon Tyrall
Multi-talented instrumentalists & singers of the folk tradition
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19 Jun Martin Carthy
One of the finest singers and interpreters of traditional British music
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18 Sep Tom McConville & David Newey
Great Geordie fiddler & singer with talented guitarist songwriter
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16 Oct Craig, Morgan, Robson
A new dimension to female a-capella singing; beguiling harmonies
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20 Nov Bandersnatch
Rich vocal harmonies with excellent musicianship
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18 Dec Pete Coe + Christmas Special
Uniquely gifted as a terrific singer & accomplished multi-instrumentalist
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