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18 January Hissyfit

Hissyfit are a close harmony duo based in Beverley in East Yorkshire. Hazel is originally from Scotland and Linda from the Midlands. They began singing together to take advantage of their joint love of traditional folk music and Hazel brought harmonies to the songs that Linda had begun to write. These were inspired by her interest in the demise of the East Coast fishing industry and the people of Hull.

They began singing in folk clubs across the North of England and eventually began performing at Maritime Festivals and Folk Festivals. They have appeared in this country at Warwick, Saddleworth, Cleckheaton, Holmfirth and Beverley festivals as well as Hull Sea Fever.

They have performed with other artistes such as John Conolly, The Younguns, Dave & Julie Evardson and Grace Notes and can currently be seen making the occasional collaboration with David Swann, a singer songwriter from North Yorkshire.

15 February Jeana Leslie and Siobhan Miller

Siobhan Miller and Jenn Butterworth recognised as shining new stars on the Scottish Music scene. Jeana and Siobhan are both blessed with lovely voices that blend beautifully. Their performances focus strongly on communicating through traditional, contemporary and self-penned song. If you go to you can listen to 4 of their tracks and read all about their music making activities.

Jeana and Siobhan came to prominence as winners of the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award in 2008, which was followed by both the Hancock Horizon Award and Up and Coming Artist of the Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards in 2009. Most recently, Siobhan was named Scots Singer of the Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2011.

Orcadian Jeana (fiddle, Hardanger fiddle, piano, vocal) and Siobhan(vocal, piano, dance), from Penicuik, outside Edinburgh, are both recent graduates of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, where they first met and began working together, developing their shared love for song. Since coming together as a duo in 2008 and experiencing a whirlwind rise to prominence, they have performed extensively throughout the UK and Europe, including many major festivals. Critics and audiences alike have responded warmly to the duo's fresh approach to vocal arrangements, to their friendly and open, communicative personalities onstage, and to their two acclaimed albums - In a Bleeze (2008), and Shadows Tall (2010). Jenn Butterworth ( guitar) toured for eight years with the Anna Massie Band, until 2009, is a member of the Rachel Hair Trio, and also has a new duo with Laura-Beth Salter (of The Shee).

"As Siobhan Miller demonstrated with a spine-tingling a cappella rendition of the tragic ballad Queen Jane, her extraordinarily assured, vividly nuanced singing is the most salient strength of her award-winning duo with fiddler, pianist and fellow vocalist Jeana Leslie. In fact, while Leslie's voice is also an instrument of no little potency - their real trump card is the radiant, mercurial harmonic chemistry between them, which illuminated a sparkling set throughout, perhaps most sublimely in an intertwined pair of heart-tugging lullabies." ***** The Scotsman, January 2011 (Five Stars)

15 March Will Kaufman - Woody Guthrie: Hard Times and Hard Travelin'
19 April Ed McGurk and Nick Caffrey

17 May Lady Maisery

Lady Maisery is a new vocal trio from Hannah James (Kerfuffle, Hannah James and Sam Sweeney, Demon Barbers), Hazel Askew (The Askew Sisters) and Rowan Rheingans (Fidola.) Inspired by folk singing traditions of the UK and northern Europe, Lady Maisery sing songs and ballads both unaccompanied, and with backing from their combined instrumental talents on accordion, harp and fiddle.

Their debut album, Weave and Spin, introduces these three musicians; three voices woven together in a timeless combination, which they push to new levels. It features a captivating collection of songs, carefully chosen and arranged to showcase the vocal quality of the group. Expect spellbinding harmonies on unaccompanied tracks such as the plaintive Kipling/Bellamy classic My Boy Jack, the music-hall charms of Mary Ann, and the beautiful simplicity of three voices on Sleep on Beloved.

Lady Maisery also explore new ground as one of the first UK groups to revive the tradition of diddling or singing tunes, which has nearly died out in England, but is still prevalent in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. The combined influence of these traditions can be seen in sets such as the toe-tapping European dance tunes Labajalg/Polska, as well as a fun rendition of the classic Primrose and Bluebell Polkas.

All three members are musicians as much as singers, which can be seen not just in their tune singing, but also in their intelligent, striking arrangements on fiddle, harp and accordion. Listen out for their dreamy combination of harp and voice on their version of Mary Ann Haynes's The Colour of Amber, and hear them breathe life into old ballads, such as their ambitious re-working of Willie's Lady. They also explore vocal harmony to spine-tingling effect on their eerie interpretation of Nottamun Town, featuring the haunting accompaniment of the ban-sitar.

Be prepared to be enchanted by rich harmonies and sumptuous clashes as Lady Maisery emerge as one of the most original new groups on the UK folk scene this year.More details and sample tracks can be heard on

21 Jun Peggy Seeger

For decades, Seeger has been one of the most authoritative voices in American and English folk...While she is acknowledged as an esteemed interpreter of traditional material and a gifted instrumentalist, she is perhaps best known for her observant and caustic original songs about women. - Chris Morris, Billboard

She plays 5-string banjo, guitar, Appalachian dulcimer, autoharp, English concertina and piano.

Born in 1935 in New York, Peggy is Pete Seeger's half-sister and Ruth Crawford Seeger's daughter. Her first life-partner was the Salford playwright and songwriter Ewan MacColl, who wrote First Time Ever I Saw Your Face for her and to whom she bore three children. She has nine grandchildren. A multi-instrumentalist, she is known for her excellent renditions of Anglo-American folksongs and for her activist songwriting, especially in the fields of feminism and ecology. Her best-known pieces are Gonna Be an Engineer and The Ballad of Springhill, which latter is rapidly becoming regarded as a traditional song. After living 35 years in England, she returned to the USA in 1994 and took up residence in Asheville, North Carolina. She moved to Boston (USA) in 2006 to take up a teaching job at Northeastern University. She moved back to England (Oxford) in 2010. She tours extensively in the UK and occasionally in the USA, Canada and Australia as a solo concert artist, singing and giving workshops. She has made 22 solo recordings and has participated in more than a hundred recordings with other artists, one of whom is her second life-partner Irene Pyper-Scott. She records exclusively for Appleseed Recordings (USA). She has published a songbook with 150 of her 149+ songs (The Peggy Seeger Songbook, Forty Years of Songmaking, Oak Publications, 1998).

Her website,, contains further information, a discography, details about ordering, an itinerary and interesting insights into her creative life. She moved back to the UK in 2010 and is now living in Oxford. She was honored with a Doctor of Arts, honoris causa, University of Salford in July 2011.

19 July Tom Conolly

16 August Local musician Showcase

20 September KEITH KENDRICK & SYLVIA NEEDHAM in place of Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher

Vocal and instrumental music, social and ceremonial dance have all played a role in Keith Kendrick's career, which has spanned nearly four decades to date and involved a relentless pursuit of the best ways to communicate to others the inspiration that has motivated him. A stage presentation which values humour, whilst maintaining respect for the music and a wry, vernacular delivery (which includes rather than patronises), combine with a depth of repertoire and a vocal and instrumental skill to make his performances a pleasure. If you want an example of someone for whom folk music and life have become completely inseparable - a true folk musician - look no further than Keith.

Keith and Sylvia sing mainly English traditional and traditionally influenced contemporary songs and work extensively all over the UK, Europe and beyond.

Both have a very wide ranging repertoire, strong voices and uncannily compatible and complimentary styles of delivery, affording an exciting enhancement in duo and between them produce a striking acapella harmony sound. With a formidable history of performing experience behind them, their recorded work is matched only by their live gigs which are always a vocal and musical revelation as well as a hoot! They also frequently accompany themselves and play lively dance tunes on three different systems of the only English invented musical instrument - the Concertina.

"....breathtaking harmony work that leaves the listener gasping............

"....Keith sings "Sally Free and Easy" in harmony with Sylvia Needham. Their voices blend and compliment each other's, capturing the anger and despair of this Cyril Tawney song to perfection. It is unquestionably, the best interpretation that I have ever heard of this song."

18 October Nancy Kerr & James Fagan One of the most established and respected duos on the folk scene, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan are winners of the 2011 BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for Best Duo (and previous winners of 2003 Best Duo and 2000 Horizon Award.) As well as being great exponents of their instruments (fiddle, viola and guitar-bouzouki) both are regarded as fine and influential singers. 2013 marked the 18th year of this electrifying duo. In that time they have toured full-time and headlined festivals throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, Japan and Canada. Wherever they play, Kerr and Fagan make new friends and fans, as their love of live performance is tangible and affirming. Consistently great live shows and five highly respected albums, plus their recent collaborations with Robert Harbron and The Melrose Quartet, have cemented their reputation as one of the classiest acts in acoustic music.
15 November Gilmore & Roberts

Twice-nominated at BBC Folk Awards, contemporary folk/acoustic duo Gilmore & Roberts combine award-winning songwriting with astounding lap-tapping guitar, fiery fiddle and their trademark harmonies, creating a powerful wall of sound. Their third album The Innocent Left, recorded in London with producer Julian Simmons (Guillemots, Ed Sheeran, Albert Lee), explores many and varied topics but remains consistently bound by Gilmore & Roberts' passion for stories.

From the steady groove of the intriguing 'Doctor James' to the relentless pounding of 'Scarecrow', and 'Silver Screen's wistful introspection, the album encompasses elements of folk, bluegrass and rock while maintaining the Yorkshire-based pair's own distinctive stylings, assisted by several carefully chosen guest musicians.

Katriona Gilmore (from Knebworth, Hertfordshire) and Jamie Roberts (Barnsley and proud) met while studying at Leeds College of Music and began working together in 2006, releasing their first full-length album Shadows & Half Light two years later. In 2010 the duo were nominated for the BBC Radio 2 Horizon Award and released their hotly anticipated second album, Up From The Deep, receiving national airplay and scored them a 'Best Original Song' Hancock Award for 'Fleetwood Fair'. Since then, the duo have toured with folk rock legends Fairport Convention and completed several headline tours in their own right, astonishing audiences up and down the country, as well as performing at some of Britain's largest acoustic festivals. Both are familiar faces to festival-goers nationwide from their previous projects - Gilmore with indie folk sensations Tiny Tin Lady, singer Rosie Doonan and more recently The Albion Band, and Roberts with young English traditionalists Kerfuffle.

'Their sound is something many artists would die for' - Spiral Earth

'...a young duo who've been making waves on the folk's well deserved' - Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

'Stellar musicianship' -

'FIVE STARS *****' - Rock'n'Reel / R2

'FIVE STARS *****' - Maverick

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20 December Oldham Tinkers

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